I began practicing yoga in 2013 as an inflexible college student, both physically and mentally. It was on my mat that I was able to peel back my exterior to discover the version of myself I spent years searching for.

Growing up in the suburbs of NYC, the stress levels were thick and seemingly hard to breathe through. I turned to yoga at a time that I needed grounding, when my entire being was begging for a shift. It was on the mat that I discovered deeper levels of consciousness that existed within me all along. Each posture became a gateway into the unseen realms of my own existence and suddenly I was able to catch a glimpse of what my truest self is made up of.


Through my teachings, I strive to provide students with the tools to submerge yourself into deeper levels of consciousness so you are also able to unveil the inner markings of your soul. I intertwine mantra meditations with the physical practice as a way to move the body with intention and carry a tangible message to return to off the mat.

I completed my 200hr training in 2017 with Patrick Franco at the Hudson Yoga Project in Hoboken, NJ. I have worked directly with senior teachers, including Bee Bosnak and Anna Greenberg. In 2018 I transitioned from a 9-5 job in marketing to teaching yoga full-time and now offer classes in the NYC area at Equinox, Powerflow Yoga & hOM.